August 12, 2020


Our website is dedicated to online betting, especially of the NFL football betting, although we do not exclude any other football league, such as the NCAAF. We are always vigilant of the general betting market, in order to offer the best data and achievements to all our users.

We have a team of experts, who are in charge of doing an analysis, before the bookmakers, of any website and the matches of the different leagues in general. They end up compiling a broad range of achievement records and general data, all available out there, for those that can take a generous amount of time reading up. This makes us the best on the web and our customers the happiest.

Our experience comes to the fact that we have been making bets for more than 8 years and serving clients from all over the world, who have all been satisfied with our services. In addition to offering bets to our clients, we post news about the most important situations that occurred during the matches of any league, as well as administrative events that occur in the other leagues.

This page arose from the need of sites throughout the web with these unique features that include betting, news, and football, which is our main motivation to keep our page up and running.

We also have a special team in charge of customer service, all for keeping the customer satisfied with our services so that they can place their bets with confidence, and without any kind of distrust or issues.


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