September 21, 2020
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4 Betting Favorite QB to Lead the Passing Yards Charts in NFL

The quarterback is the most famous position of the NFL, as well as the best paid of the entire league. The QB position is often regarded as the one that determines a team’s success or failure. Quarterbacks receive the MVP award at the end of each season, and the position’s extended success has created a whole movement of young players that want to achieve incredible feats in the sport.

It must be said as well, that there are many factors playing a part in determining who is the best QB. One of the most used statistics is the total of successful passes achieved in the season, a statistic that completely determines the fate of dozens of teams, and one of the most important of the entire sport. Although there is currently a rough battle between some quarterbacks, here we talk about the four players we find to be the very best.

Drew Brees


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Drew Brees led the NFL leaderboard in passing yards on 7 occasions throughout his career as QB. Along with this statistic, we find that he had a three-time streak where he achieved it in consecutive years. Drew Brees has the best rates in the betting market and is able to do wonders with the ball, thus he’s a candidate to have the best bets.

Tom Brady

There’s nothing we can say about Tom Brady that you don’t already know. This QB is one of the most famous in the world, a living legend, a man of steel with a vision and passion for transcendental sport. He’s one of the favorites that have won the Super Bowl as well as the first MVP of the league.

Philip Rivers


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Philip Rivers has been a tough opponent for Tom Brady this season, his average passes have multiplied, and day after day he’s become an outstanding QB to bet on without thinking twice. During these last season’s Rivers is waiting to become one of the highest priced QB in the entire NFL along with Tom Brady and Drew Brees, so he is highly motivated.

Aaron Rodgers


Post3 4 - 4 Betting Favorite QB to Lead the Passing Yards Charts in NFL

In the last season, Aaron Rodgers suffered a fracture that took him off the field for more than 6 weeks, he was very important to the team. It was a challenge for him to play at a high level again. This season Rodgers’ hopes to return, he will give his all in each game to continue increasing the average of passes by yard, and get a higher position in the top of the NFL.

The place of Top QB in the NFL is only achieved after a fierce fight in the field, and these four players have it all. Tom Brady might seem like a safe bet, but keep in mind River’s increase in passes, Rodgers determination to keep improving, Brees’ prolific ball handling, and the fact that anything can happen, in the NFL. Bet smart, and get winning!

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