September 21, 2020
Post2 feat - The 5 Best Team Stats to Bet On in NFL

The 5 Best Team Stats to Bet On in NFL

Most NFL gamblers often track statistics based on quarterbacks, runners and receivers. But these individual numbers only show a small part of the whole story behind the entire NFL statistical system. To be a great sport gambler you should learn some team statistics that you could use to win in your next bet in the NFL, since the biggest prizes are won by knowledge.

The types of bets in this sport are diverse, most of the young or inexperienced gamblers usually take the most basic ones to shorten their learning time. Yet the truth is, the more you risk winning in a bet the greater and better the outcome will be. In this article we will share thousands of gamblers’ wisdom, as they’ve learnt how to use their own experiences to win.

Traveled Yards

It is quite tempting to simply observe the yards that a player runs throughout the season, which is a simpler, yet disorganized way of betting. We have learnt that it is much better to know the yards the whole team has ran through, that way you will be much more prepared than the others, when it comes to knowing when a team has better offensive strategy, and when their players are at their maximum capacity upon attacking their opponent.

Pass Attempts


Post2 2 - The 5 Best Team Stats to Bet On in NFL

As with the previous bet, in this type of bet you should be more interested in the amount of pass attempts a team has, instead of focusing on a single player. Again, this will prepare you to make the difficult decision to choose one of the most offensive teams of all the NFL. Their statistics will help you in many more bets, than if you just studied the attempts of passes of their quarterback.

Yards Accepted by the Defense


Post2 3 - The 5 Best Team Stats to Bet On in NFL

When you know the average of yards traveled by the offensive team as well as the average yards of the defensive team, you subtly open a new window to the other types of bets. Knowing the average number of yards that a defensive team accepts, is vital to making exact bets and thus getting the most out of the information obtained within the field.

Permit Pass Attempt


Post2 4 - The 5 Best Team Stats to Bet On in NFL

Tracking defensive yards for each allowed pass attempt usually gives bettors a way to compare teams regarding how each one matches their next opponent. As when tracking the pass offense statistics, make sure to keep in mind the catches when tracking the pass defense stats. This will give you great advantage.

Ball Losses

The ball losses win and lose the games. But ball losses are a team statistic, due to the fact that one or two players are responsible. A quarterback can throw the ball to where it is supposed to go, but if a receiver runs the wrong route, it can still result in an intercept.

With these statistics we will be able to better understand the whole spectrum of bets available in the NFL. From Traveled yards to yards accepted by the defense and balls losses, to permitted pass attempts and yards accepted by the defense, watching the whole teams’ performance will always put you ahead of any bettors that only focus on the cliche plays and most commonly observed data.

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